Journaling~ Say what!?!

So this is it!! The new form of journaling. (Well new to me, I am behind the times I suppose) As long as I can remember I used pen and paper to organize my thoughts. I recently got into reading blogs and thought, hey this is it, this is journaling out loud. All the things in my head that need an outlet the generalized thoughts that have nothing to do with anyone but just humanity. If I get them out of my head and put them here then I free up more room for more insane? or sane thoughts.

Step 1: figure out how this works

Step 2: figure out who can see this

Step 3: decide if I care who sees it, because mostly I don’t care what people think, high probability someone will be offended or if they know who I really am will think that it is ALL about them, which more than likely is not.

Let’s how his goes….if you can comment??? Advice on how this all works would be fabulous!!





2 thoughts on “Journaling~ Say what!?!”

  1. Well, we are the same in the way of using pen and paper for our thoughts before. But hey, blogging is a great way expressing yourself more and I know, you will find more people here that think like we do! Welcome and have fun!

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