Those who anger you…

In my hometown there is a church that puts little sayings on the sign out front. It must have been ten years ago or more that the sign said “Those who anger you control you.” Ever since it has been my mantra. I have caught myself saying it to myself in those moments I needed it the most. 

When someone makes you angry, whether they are present or not they consume your mind with thoughts, with questions of what to say, what to do, what they meant or if you are over reacting and why you are reacting. If you are like me you may scream, but more than likely you will cry and then you will get mad that you are angry crying which will make you even more angry. The person responsible for your anger just controlled how ever many minutes they were able to steal. They control your mind and maybe even the actions you may take in response to whatever angered you. But wait a minute!? HOW DARE THEY!!! They did something to make you angry in the first place, they don’t deserve an ounce of your time or energy. They do not deserve to steal a nano second of your happiness. 

So my advice and what I live by is…take back the control, if someone angers you, who are they anyways? Take control by confronting them about how you feel, if they are worth it. If they are not then move those thoughts aside and regain control of your mind thoughts and actions!! 


One thought on “Those who anger you…”

  1. I loved the advice!!
    How can someone ruin my day by just saying some stupid stuff that doesn’t even belong to me?
    Why should I give a part of my life to them?
    Super inspirational, great post!
    Have a great day!


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