I don’t play games

I think about my friends who have come and my friends who have gone. I come to realize that they change like the saying says, with the seasons. Some are evident while others I question….and then I come to the conclusions that, I don’t play games.

I don’t give in to attention seeking, actually it annoys me, if you have something to say to me just say it. If I have done something to offend you or that is bothering you then give it to me, I can probably explain my actions and their intent. I would also like to know because really maybe I am unaware that what I am doing is causing such a reaction.  I would offer you the same service: with what did you mean when, or it hurt my feelings when.

Reality is though, the majority of the  people I surround myself with usually would not do anything to make me even wonder. Then there is that odd individual that acts in a way I do not understand, this is when my own advice does not go both ways. If you are not up front with me and you behave in a way that I do not understand, then I do not confront instead I just cut people out. I have no time or energy for games (refer to my post “Those who anger you…”), and the fact that they are playing them just leads me to believe that any sort of interaction will lead to conflict and drama. So I avoid it in every way that I can.

I have plenty of friends and from all areas of my life, I have the ones that have not caused me any drama and not given me any grief, any misunderstandings we have had we cleared them up in a timely fashion and actually were able to grow our friendship based on them. I hope that they are still around because they value my forward approach and respect me enough to return it.

I strongly believe that when it comes to friendships each has a purpose in your life to guide you through, as you relate to people in different ways. Every friendship is to be valued individually and it is important to remember quality over quantity. Be a good friend and you will have good friends, open, honest, and trustworthy. NO GAMES!!


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