Worst Blogger Ever

They need to make an app that reads my mind and turns it into my blog posts.My intent when creating this blog was to brain dump in the way I use to journal. The brain activity is still happening, it is just the journaling part I need to get in gear with. In a slight defence, my iPad was completely wiped clean and I had to restock all apps. Only a slight defence because I have a laptop that actually is easier to blog on. Since I started this journey I have really enjoyed the blogging community and find others posts to be interesting and a break from the everyday menoteny that all other forms of social media offer. I think the best way is to set blogging goals, or in the way I organize my life rules. The rule is I need to post one brain dump blog…..hmmmm…..a week? Any other advice on how I can stay on top of the wonderful world of blogging??  


2 thoughts on “Worst Blogger Ever”

  1. I’ve only been blogging since January and I started because of a homework assignment. I find I get brain farts and it helps me to scroll social media or read other blogs to get ideas…but really, my life experiences are what make my blog happen. Good luck šŸ™‚


    1. Thank you for that. What I think I need to do is write down titles as they come to me and then write out my thoughts in different program and then transport them in if I am not in the moment able to access WordPress. Stay tuned…this head is full!!

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