Kill them with….

This is another one of those quotes that rings in my head whenever I am faced with an issue that involves a difficult person. “Kill them with kindness.” Oh how it works on so many levels!!

I learned this one early in my career, which is too many years ago to even attempt the shocking math equation. I began working in an environment with mostly women (and still am in a job with a predominant woman population). I also had to deal with clients who are always right, no matter what I think. So I learned quickly that kindness goes a long way. It isn’t hard for me as I am by nature a kind person, but there are always those moments, and especially those people that make you dig deeper to find it within.

Here is how and why it works (in my opinion). First of all, people who are not being kind do not know how to respond to someone who is being kind to their unkindness, after all their actions where for a purpose and a reaction. The utter confusion on their face when the exact opposite response smacks them in the face is priceless. Being mean to a kind person just makes you look like more of an a-hole, it is so easy to be mean to a meany, but being mean to someone who is always so kind, well that my friend is a new low. Being kind also allows you to feel better, you don’t have to worry about apologies or crossing lines with your anger. If your reaction is pure kindness you are standing on both feet and able to think straighter, sometimes a bit slower, but straighter. It is like the real life hovering thumbs face to face. You know the moment when you get that text and your thumbs hover over what you want to say, but then you rethink it and decide to go another route. When all is said and done the she-said-she-said of it all you always come out on top!

BUT!!! Sometimes there are those moments where you just can’t take it and you SNAP!! People stop and they look and they assess that the situation must be really bad if someone so kind acted in such a way. So again it works in your favour, but can not be over used or it loses it’s effect.

With all that said it makes me sound like I am a fake, but really after you live the life for awhile it becomes who you are. You learn how to keep the things in your head for a better time, you take pleasure in their powerless attempts to get you down. Your revenge is your own happiness.



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