Too busy to think!!

Do you ever get so busy that you don’t even have time to think? It is like one thing after another and then another thing just creeps up to piggy back the last. It really is mind sucking when more than one thing happens at a time.

It is like life has to make sure you are paying attention.

I have a crazy way of dealing with things and it really has not been effective on many occasions, yet I use it and it works. That last sentence sounds like an oxi-moron. Let me explain. I have agreed to only think of one thing at a time. I get a message from a coworker about what time we are suppose to meet the next morning and my answer is: I haven’t got to that part of my list of things to think about yet. ONE THING AT A TIME!

Really when there are so many things swimming around in there it is best to put them in priority order. Now the part of it that makes it less effective is that I really don’t have much to offer others, unless they want to know about anything at the top of the list or where I currently am on my list of things to think about. Anything beyond that- your guess is as good as mine. Where it works is for me. I am able to sort things in priority order quite efficiently, and am very organized in that sense. The things on my list get the attention they need before I move to the next. I am usually early for appointments and meet my goals on time. This is coming from a mother who has a full time career, started and finished my degree part time, while running a business and what I call “farming” butterflies.  Needless to say, my brain has many drawers with plenty of items with many lists of priority.


What made me think of this blog post, is I really have not had much to post to it. Unfortunately the kinds of thoughts that work into blog posts seem to get shoved to the bottom of the list as Dr’s appointments, bank appointments, work stuff, and just general life stuff go to the top.

But wait a minute!!! I am a multi-tasker to the max!! Which actually contradicts everything I just said, but no entirely. I am a “one thing at a time multi-tasker.” I think that needs some explaining too. The thing is that nothing takes up much time in my head so I move on to the next thing with a bit of an overlap from the last. The multi-tasking comes as the transition. Sometimes two things sit on the same line of importance. Mostly because there is not enough time in a day to fit them all in, so even though it is one thing at a time it can be two running simultaneously important and do-able at the same time.

That is how my busy head copes with this crazy world of happenings. What do you do to cope with life flying in and out as quickly as it does?




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