Brains for Bacon

As I send off yet another payment to an educational institution I begin to think that my brain is becoming worth quite a bit of money. I looked at it how I look at my house, new furnace, new roof, better landscaping, and the house goes up in value.

So is my brain the same? Sort of. The more money I put into it the more education I get the more letters I put behind my name the more valuable I am.  The higher paying job I am eligible for. What a crazy concept. But when we look at it that way then we have to take the whole picture into perspective.

I weed my garden, I vacuum my carpets, I change my furnace filter. So what must I do to protect my most valuable asset. It all comes back to healthy eating, exercising, and just using it. Taking opportunities to put it to work. This may just be why I am what I refer to is a forever learner, since I was 4 years old I have been in some form of educational institution. I am about ready to be done, but then what? Career growth and putting all that value to use.

All of our brains are worth something and regardless of what money you have actually put out, you can make it more valuable by filling it with good stuff. Amazing to think that it is an upgrade that comes at no cost, the information is out there, you just have to get it in there and use those neurons to digest it.

Turn your unique and powerful asset into the most valuable tool you own!!


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